Powdercoat stand for cup and tumbler (YETI, HOGG, Ozark Trail, RTIC, etc)

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Are you looking for a fast, easy, repeatable way to powdercoat your stainless cups and tumblers?  A single tool that will fit most of the cups, goblets, bottles and thermos you are likely to use?  Well, look no further!  This stand is very easy to use, and makes powder coating a snap!  It's free-spinning "lazy susan" design means you can effortlessly rotate the cup to apply an even coat, WITHOUT having to remove your ground clip, or even change gun position.  The 3 included "top hats" allow you to coat any of the items shown in the photos, with only 1 stand!

The stand is offered in 12" versions for those using larger ovens, or a 10.5" version for those using toaster ovens.

* Small top hat pieces allow fitment of sports bottles.
* Cup rest plate is oversized for large openings, such as the 40oz tumblers.
* Slotted and contoured "spin plate" gives good grip, allows for easy spinning without slipping.
* "Spin plate" is oversized relative to cup rest plate, allowing for easy grip and rotation, without hitting your knuckles or fingers on the plate above.  This means you won't be bumping your stand, which means you won't be risking blemish on your powder coat!
* Bottom plate has grounding tab built in, can be used with clip-style (such as alligator clips), or has hole for bolts or screws.
* Weighted base plate ensures stability, reduces chances of tips or knock-overs.
* "lazy susan" style rotation allows you to spin the cup to ensure even coating, without removing ground clip, or repositioning cup or spray gun!