Automotive themed fire pits


Tired of searching gifts for that person in your life who "has it all"?  Well, here's your opportunity to WOW them with a gift they're not expecting!  The only thing better than watching their eyes light up when they receive it, will be watching the grin on their face when they use it!  Whether it's camping, family gatherings, car shows, vacations, or just a weekend relaxing with friends, this unique item is sure to bring the complements and conversations! 

Our unique automotive-themed firepit design breaks down you don't have to!  No more aching back after moving it, and the compact ~24" x ~24" x ~3" storage space means you always have room to take it with you!  Remove the included locking pins, and the pit disassembles into 6 pieces in seconds!  With the heaviest piece weighing in at 18 lbs (just over 3 bags of sugar!), it's easy to slide under the back seat of your jeep, the trunk of your car, a storage tray of your RV, or of course the back of your'll barely notice it's there until you're ready to use it!

The removable top grille can be used for decoration, true wood-fired cooking, or taken off altogether!  On models with side mirrors, the top grill is engineered to hang on the side, making it easy to load your wood!

Sold in bare steel or black heat resistant paint.  The bare steel version will develop an authentic rust patina over time.